Better Late Than Never

Better Late Than Never

Better late than never I suppose. I've been meaning to start a blog ever since my youngest was born. Partially as a memoir and to document my time post partum. After all, as a personal trainer specialized in pre and post natal training, I felt I needed to walk the walk so to speak and showcase what I did in the post partum period. However, I put a ridiculous amount of pressure on myself and naïvely expected that life would magically be the same, except with a baby in the house. I was wrong. I ate plenty of humble pie in the transition of going from a family of three to four. In the beginning I had high hopes of what I could accomplish, but realized rather quickly that I needed to lower the bar and reprioritize where I directed my energy. Ï had enough to do as it was besides keeping two humans alive , I started mamma & baby group training when she was four months old (feb through to june), was the trainer for a weeks training trip in Spain in march, did group training in april, stopped that and took on five online clients to work from home, then had eight weeks alone with the girls during the summer. I kept waiting for life to calm down before I started. In other words, I never got around to it.

My oldest just turned six and the baby will be one in October, so I know how fast the years fly by, especially the first one *insert tears*.  So it is becoming more apparent that life won't ever be "calm" and that I just need to start.   There is no point to beat myself up for not having done it thus far or compare myself to countless mothers on social media that have seemed to graciously rock mom-ing and being an entrepreneur at the same time. With that being said, I'm happy for them. After all comparison is the thief of all joy. When you replace jealously towards another person with admiration and proof that it can be done then life becomes more harmonious. We women need to lift each other up!

Needless to say, I don't always have my shit together on all fronts and probably ever won't , so I'm placing my paralyzing perfectionism on ice and putting myself out there. Since I encourage those who have never strength trained before or my clients that have given up after a long pause, that it's never too late to start. Then I need to live up to my own advice and just do this thing I've been putting off, there won't be time until I make time. 

What direction am I taking? Well, I plan to use this blog as a platform to share all sides of my imperfect life of juggling my coaching business, two small children, training, nutrition, my landshark dog, chickens, and family drama. With of course splashes of hopefully helpful, humorous and insightful tips about living a healthy lifestyle. My dream client is moms and working women trying to balance life's puzzle pieces though all seasons, through the highs and the lows... which is me in a nutshell. Through the years I've coached thousands of women online who are vulnerable and honest enough to open up to me, so it's only fair I do the same. So I hope in sharing how I deal with it all that some of my stories and insights may resonate with many of you.  In the next few posts I will write about my pregnancy, birth story and post partum period bringing us to now... then we'll see how it evolves from there. Like I said, a mix of , diary of a PT and informational posts regarding training, nutrition and general wellbeing.

The blog is going to be in English since that is my mother tongue and I think and process life in English, even though 99% of my daily spoken and written interactions are in Swedish. I have a tendency to overanalyze everything I think and say which ends up with me impeding my own potential. My parents are Hungarian, I grew up in rural Newfoundland (strong Irish like accent), moved within Canda more times than I can count and I've lived my entire adult life in southern Sweden. Every step along the way someone somewhere has had an opinion about my accent and how I talk which, with time, has dampened my voice and diminished my desire to speak publicly. Even though my childhood friends and close friends would probably say I have a big mouth.  In person, when I'm one on one or with small groups I'm fine, despite having been a personal trainer for over ten years with profiles on facebook and instagram I still find sharing on social media daunting. Probably just as some people feel that public gyms or training are intimidating. However, now that I've got two little girls that I need to be a role model for, then there is no other choice but to find my voice again and use it to empower other women. After all, it's better late than never.