Katalin Piros 
Personal Trainer & Life Coach  

The coach stressed out women turn to when they want to find balance in life & get stronger mentally & physically with the help of strength training & a no BS attitude! 

" I want to tone my body and feel strong and felt I needed a supplement to my current training. I don't go to the gym myself and also wanted the inspiration and needed the knowledge to do the "right exercises" for me. In the past, I have had recurring pain in my back, which disappeared when I trained with PT Piros. The best part is that I feel fitter - the training has really paid off. Hire PT Piros if you want to get good coaching, well-selected exercises for you and find inspiration for your training! "

Hanna Mårtensson · 5-star review

" Can really recommend Piros, very good at her job! Is a wonderful person who motivates and pushes you towards your goal. Don't hesitate to get in touch for a new start, not only for training but your be stronger mentally as well! "

Susanne Surla 

" Piros is a nice, talented girl who knows what she's doing. Easy to talk to. Very accommodating and service-minded. "

Sandra Olsson 

" I train at home and need to have continuity in my training, train on fixed days and when I have coaching, then I do it. I also receive individually tailored programs and weekly feedback. It helps me keep the routine. I have practiced yoga and occasionally sometimes at a local gym.  I felt strongly that it was some other kind of training I needed. Sometimes you sort of get done with things. 

I Had physical challenges that the training helped me overcome as we really started from scratch.
I've learned a lot about weight training that I didn't know much about before. Now I have a routine, which is important to me.  I am definitely stronger both physically and mentally. Receiving weekly feedback is worth its weight in gold, it forces me to reflect, is stimulating and helps me develop. 

Katalin has a good sense of seeing exactly what I need even though we've never met in person. I get good feedback, tips and videos on the exercises. I also appreciate discussions about mindset, about life and everyday tribulations big and small.

Kerstin - Ongoing Online client of many years 

"Katalin is a fantastic PT that listens, gives good feedback on technique, and is the kind voice I needed to get back to a stronger me. She has helped me stop with black & white thinking and I strongly recommend her. 

Alexandra - Mom of Three - Ongoing online client 

"PT Piros is truly awesome! She is professional and listens to your needs, her training sessions are both fun & challenging. Every session keeps the motivation on top leaving you longing for the next workout. I feel well taken care of & stronger both mentally &  physically. Everything is really topnotch! Katalin is the one who made me enjoy training, never thought that would happen."

Margareta Persson - Participant my previous group Strength Training for women 

"I was looking for a PT with a healthy approach to weight loss, exercise and 'everyday life'. After meeting with Katalin for a free consultation, I felt her approach matched my expectations. No obsession over weight, the goal is to get stronger and the mental health is at least as important as the physical.

  I needed help with partly a training plan, but above all my technique. Now I have a regular program that I follow and I develop in my training. She constantly pushes, but in a sympathetic way but also in a straight and honest way - no bullshit. She genuinely cares about her clients."

Hanna Almeberg  ·  Ongoing client of several years at my Microgym