Katalin Piros 
Personal Trainer & Life Coach  

The coach stressed out women turn to when they want to find balance in life & get stronger mentally & physically with the help of strength training & a no BS attitude! 

Okay, okay, I know... 

In order to get in shape I need to eat my vegetables, train, have the right mindset... But when and how am I going to have time for that? Where do I even start? 
Sound familiar?
The voices in your head are literally screaming at you that it is soon summer and once again your bikini is still in the drawer.  But how would it feel to think more long term, beyond the beaches and the waves? 

Hands up if this is you

  • You are constantly searching for the best training for you, you go ALL IN for short period but as soon as the motivation disappears the pauses become longer and longer. Maybe this wasn't your thing?  
  • You jo-jo diet. It was a festive season, the weekend, you were invited out for dinner, you had a rough day, I am going to start meal prep - tomorrow …. Why can't I loose weight?  
  •  That little voice in your head, let's be honest, would you want to be friends with that person? 
  • What do you say about getting in shape - without 

  • Brutal training sessions that leave you feeling like you were hit by a bus. 

  • Diets, restrictions, and strict meal plans. 
    • The mean inner voice that says you are not good enough.
    So how do I achieve that?  

    I am glad you asked  - allow me to present to you:

    Strong Woman Bootcamp 

    If you are one of the women that raised their hand to the questions above ⬆ Then my Strong Woman Bootcamp is for you!

    SWB is my masterclass where I have collected my best tips and experiences from 10 years as a personal trainer seasoned with a lifelong interest in nutrition, health and mindfulness. Will it then take you 10 years to see change - of course not - if you are ready to do the work I am convinced that you will both see, feel and notice a difference after 6 weeks.

    During 6 weeks, I will guide and offer you all the tools you need to not only achieve results you desire but also see through the BS of the fitness industry trends that do not lead to the long-term results you seek. The beach is nice, but we are in it for the long run. Furthermore, as a participant in SWB, you get the opportunity to participate in live seminars, group coaching and 1:1 coaching together with me. Finally, the course also consists of a Facebook community where you can meet like-minded women who have all made the same investment like you - to become a stronger and healthier.

    Raise your hand if you've also dreamed of the day you pass the mirror in the hall and actually smile at the woman who meets you on the other side, to pass the shop window with latte in hand and actually toast the woman who looking back at you - we did it!

    So how do I start?

    I hear you; I got you.

    The 1st of July the doors open to  my online course – Strong Woman Bootcamp.

    What's included 

    • You will receive an invitation to my LIVE group coaching that takes place once a week. 
    • You get an individually tailored training program to use in the exorlive app 
    • You are welcomed to the closed Facebook SWB community You get feedback on your training diary (1/week) 
    • You get individual nutrition advice You get 1:1 coaching with me!

    Program during the 6 weeks 

    Week 1 - Who am I to say you will succeed? I will speak of both my training background as well as get personal and discuss my past traumas & how training has helped me become stronger both mentally & physically. 

    Week 2 - Nutrition, when, what, how & why
    Week 3 - Strength + training = strength training! What you need to focus on to optimize your training.   Learn to build your own program.

    Week 4 - The importance of sleep for long-term results

    Week 5 - Stress - how do exercise and stress affect each other and what to do about it.

    Week 6 - Mindset - How we speak and think about ourselves matters

    I want in!