Katalin Piros 
Personal Trainer & Life Coach  

The coach stressed out women turn to when they want to find balance in life & get stronger mentally & physically with the help of strength training & a no BS attitude! 

How it started! 

Maybe you don't want to train at a public gym or you plan on training from home anyway so you just need the coaching in how to perform exercises with the right technique. I got you! When I first started as a personal trainer I worked at a public gym where the majority of members were men between 18-30 that liked to fluff their feathers. The few women that trained there wanted to grow their booty and take plenty of pictures for social media while doing so.

Even though I was confident in my training, I wasn't particularly comfortable training there during peak hours and would do so during the day when no one was around. If you are a beginner and unsure of what you are doing, public gyms can be a pretty intimidating place to start. I understand! When I stopped working there I opened up a private studio in Limhamn, at first I was nervous with how it would go since I wasn't affiliated with a commercial gym. To my pleasant surprise, that's when I got fully booked and coached 4-6 sessions a day, five days a week.

Turned out there were plenty of people that felt like I did and preferred a private space. A few years back I transformed my garage into a MICROGYM catering to women only. A private, safe space where YOU are in focus. It is fully equipped with free weights (dumbbells' & barbells), a weight bench, squat rack, gummi bands , boxing equipment , a TRX band + more. In other words, everything you need to get in a great workout!

"I was looking for a PT with a healthy approach to weight loss, exercise and 'everyday life'. After meeting with Katalin for a free consultation, I felt her approach matched my expectations. No obsession over weight, the goal is to get stronger and the mental health is at least as important as the physical.

  I needed help with partly a training plan, but above all my technique. Now I have a regular program that I follow and I develop in my training. She constantly pushes, but in a sympathetic way but also in a straight and honest way - no bullshit. She genuinely cares about her clients."

Hanna Almeberg · 5-star review