Katalin Piros 
Personal Trainer & Life Coach  

The coach stressed out women turn to when they want to find balance in life & get stronger mentally & physically with the help of strength training & a no BS attitude! 

Why Should you hire a personal trainer? 

Shortcut to Success 

You would never bring your car to a workshop, tell the mechanic to leave and say, you know what, give me a few years and I'll figure this out on my own.

It's no different in the gym. I'm born 1986, I've been training my whole life and strength training since I was 22 and a personal trainer since I was 27. However, the first few years in the gym I felt completely lost and had no idea what I was doing. It seemed pointless and didn't give me the results I was hoping for.

It was only when I started following a structured program and mastered the basics that I started to build muscles and see results. So instead of wasting your time trying to sift through the jungle of information regarding strength training, let a professional give you the shortcut to results you deep down desire.

Prenatal & Post Partum Training  

Perhaps you are an experienced lifter (or not) , then you get pregnant - Congratulations!! But... what now? 

Not only do I have a specialization in Pre and post natal training, I have also birthed two girls vaginally. In other words, I have both theoretical and practical experience in this area. 

I won't beat around the bush (pardon the pun), you MUST adjust your training when you are pregnant. 

Once the baby comes, it's crucial that you get back into strength training safely. It's imperative that you focus solely on reactivating your core and strengthen your pelvic floor before you go back to traditional strength training. Otherwise you can do more damage than good. It doesn't matter how experienced of an athlete you are, this applies to everyone. 

I've had two girls, and both pregnancies and post-partum periods were different and I got served a huge slice of humble pie! 

Do yourself a favor, hire a professional. 

JUSTGYM in Trelleborg 

I take on 1:1 clients, both men and women, at JUSTGYM in Trelleborg. A fantastic facility with top of the line equipment and a friendly atmosphere without over crowding. As the name implies, there are no frills, no reception, no group training halls,  it's Just a gym where you go , get 'er done, and go home feeling like a bloody champion!  

You will find their homepage via the link below. 

Träning | Justgym | Träningcenter