Katalin Piros 
Personal Trainer & Life Coach  

The coach stressed out women turn to when they want to find balance in life & get stronger mentally & physically with the help of strength training & a no BS attitude! 


Training has been a core component of my life since childhood. I have participated in many team sports, competed in swimming , badminton and triathlon. In my early twenties I trained thai boxing and got into strength training. When I was younger I thought training was fun and it was a social activity , it allows filled the need of belonging. Now, as a self employed adult with two daughters, a dog, chickens & house to maintain I prioritize strength training as if yields the best results with the minimum amount of effort. Both mentally and physically.

As long as I can remember my goal has always been to help other people since I've had a turbulent childhood. I completed two years of the psychology program at a Canadian University, but hopped off when I moved to Sweden. Partially to leave an abusive relationship as well as to be closer to my biological family. When I moved here I changed focus from the individual to society and got my bachelors degree in International Relations at Malmö University.
In 2013 I decided to become a personal trainer so I could teach that which has been my saving grace and therapy throughout the years - eating healthy and training! A couple years into my career, during 2016 I did a specialized course with SAFE for pre and postnatal training. Shortly thereafter I worked as an online coach for MammaFitness (Trainimal) from 2016-2021.

During the years I have coached thousands of clients, I have worked at public gyms as well as a private studios. I have coached group training for beginners, those preparing for OCR races, Mamma & Baby groups as well as groups with focus solely on strength training. October 2023 my baby turned one, and now I am back at it taking on online clients as well at 1:1 clients at JUSTGYM in Trelleborg and my women's only MICROGYM in Alstad.